We teach private music lessons in violin and viola, as well as provide instruction in audition and performance preparation, music theory, harmonization and composition. Visit our lessons page for more details.

Q: Where are the lessons taught?

A: The in-studio lessons are taught in the instructor's home, which is located right in the heart of West Seattle. In-home lessons are not offered at this time due to the instructor's schedule. Please visit the lessons page for more details.

Q: I have never played an instrument before. Can I still learn?

A: Absolutely! Most beginner students have never learned music before their first lesson.

Q: What ages does the instructor teach?

A: All ages are welcome to be students. The instructor has taught students as young as 3 to as old as 78!

Q: Where can I get an instrument?

A: There are several sources. Amazon.com sells quite a few "start-up" instrument kits. Also Kennelly Keys (a local music store) sells and rents instruments. Please email the instructor if you have questions or need advice.

Q: Do I have to commit to a certain number of lessons?

A: No - you can decide to stop taking lessons anytime you want.

Q: What can I expect at the first lesson?

A: If you are an absolute beginner, the first lesson will begin with some basic fundamentals such as posture, left and right-hand technique, and playing simple note progressions. If you already play an instrument then the instructor will have you play a piece of your choice so that he can evaluate your abilities and then formulate a lesson plan going forward.

Q: I have a young child. Can I observe my child's lesson?

A: Absolutely! All we ask is that you sit a comfortable distance away so that the student and teacher can work effectively. Parental involvement is important so that they can help support the child's practice sessions in between lessons.

Any other questions? Want to set up a lesson? Please contact us here:

The primary instructor has over 32 years of musical experience, including having played at the Tanglewood institute, Carnegie Hall, and numerous orchestras in the US as well as overseas. Visit our about us page for more details.